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Marathon Training Week 4 – Run Club Member Aimee

8am: I wake up to the sound of rain hammering against my window. Oh great so last week was snow and now we have torrential rain! I choose to ignore it and get up to make my pre-run breakfast.

9:30am: Porridge consumed, running gear on and I’m ready to tackle today’s 16km. To my surprise and relief the rain has stopped and the sun has decided to show its face. Thank goodness.

10am: I head off to meet Sam to make our way to Battersea Park together to meet the rest of the Run Club crew.

10:30am: We’re all set and ready to go. Duncan let’s us know the route, knowing we are terrible with remembering which way to go he makes it nice and simple for us. Thanks Duncan! I start my GPS watch (all the gear no idea as some would say) so I can track my pace and make sure I’m on track. Off we go, a light jog up to the Thames for some pre run stretches. After few minutes of stretching we head off for our 2 laps round Battersea Park then off up the river, across Battersea Bridge and up to Westminster and back.

11am: 5K in and my legs are feeling good, and my 1km splits are pretty consistent so far, so I’m happy. I was a tad worried about this weeks run, as my shin was a bit sore during last weeks. A few extra rest days during the week, some stretches and I seem to be back on track.

11:30am: I’m currently running solo, as my normal partner in crime couldn’t make this week. I’m happy though as I’ve got my running playlist on and the sun is out.

12pm: I’ve managed to catch up with the front 2 in the pack. Speedy Sam and Running Rob. We stick together back along the Thames and over Battersea Bridge back to the park. As we hit the park we pick up the pace for the last couple of kilometres.

12:25pm: We’ve finished! We do some stretches and wait for the rest of the group to return. After a few minutes most people are back. Stretching done we head off to the pub for a well deserved drink/coffee.

Next week 18km Hyde Park, time is passing so quickly. Before we know it we will be on the start line in Paris!

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