Corporate Running Club

As well as our standard London locations we also arrange various corporate running groups for local businesses as well as corporate membership for groups looking to get involved with the club.

Whatever your business health & fitness needs, CONTACT US TODAY for bespoke Run Club London Corporate options.

Benefits of the Run Club London Corporate Running Clubs

richmond long run sun 17.1.13Offer more value and incentives to your work force. Traditional company perks or benefits are often hidden within paychecks or tax breaks and rarely seen by staff. Run Club London sends a clear message to staff about their value to the company and can be cost effectively offered to all.

Have a healthier workforce and less sick leave. A study set up by the WELCOA institute argued that 70% of the entire burden of illness and associated cost to industry is preventable via leveraging employee health initiatives.

More productive workforce. The American College of Sports Medicine emphatically demonstrated in 2005 that employees scores for managing time & productivity were increased on exercise days

Reduced Employee Turnover. The cost of replacing one staff member is estimated at that employee’s yearly salary. At Run Club London we believe in simple solutions. Keeping staff happy is the way to keep them, full stop.

Team Building. Through weekly training sessions or the process of working towards an event as a group there no doubt joint physical activity promotes unity and sense of well being within your team.


What we offer

corporate running clubBespoke Running Clubs / Group Fitness Training. We offer the option of a bespoke weekly Run Club London session specifically for your team at your workplace and surrounding area.

Corporate Membership. Discounted membership for your workforce allowing them access to all standard Run Club London sessions and events.

Event Training. Everything from program design, to workshops and one off sessions we can offer the complete package to ensure your runners achieve their race day goals. We trained over 40 runners for the London marathon this year as well as numerous others for 10k’s, half-marathons and adventure races so are well schooled in pushing runners of all levels past the finish line.


Whatever your business health & fitness needs, CONTACT US TODAY for bespoke Run Club London Corporate options.