Running Club Brockwell Park

Running Club Brockwell Park takes place on Wednesdays @ 19.15.

Run Club Brockwell Park, the premier Brockwell Park group running club. Managed by professional and highly experienced London based trainers, Run Club Brockwell Park is the ultimate running club in Brockwell Park. Group running is good fun and can really help to motivate people to keep up their exercise routine, you get to meet up with other like minded people, run together and share training and running tips or just enjoy the camaraderie of group running.

New runners are welcome to attend, we’re a friendly bunch so please come and join Brockwell Park’s leading group running club and keep your exercise routine fresh and rewarding..

You can try Run Club Brockwell Park today, please contact us for further details and we hope to see you at a Brockwell Park Run Club event soon.

Running Club Brockwell Park

Contact Run Club London today to try our Brockwell Park Running Club. Experience the premier Brockwell Park running club, book a trial session with our professional trainers today.

We’re the leading running club in Brockwell Park with new groups starting up on a regular basis, contact us today to book your  trial session with Run Club London.


Running Club Brockwell Park Coach

James Dean

Yes James Dean is his real name though you won’t find him lounging around the bandstand like his Hollywood namesake, more likely chasing members round the pond in one of our classic sprint and core sessions.

With numerous years experience in the fitness industry under his belt adding various qualifications from boxing through to pilates on top of his running expertise, James is the prime example of the well rounded up-beat trainer we like heading up our sessions.