Am I fit enough?

Don’t worry, this is the number one concern of every new Run Club runner and naturally everyone’s afraid they’re going to get left behind or hold up the group.

Run Club is the only running group in London that is specifically designed so that people of all abilities can turn-up, feel at home straight away, have a great workout and loads of fun.

Whether you’re a run-walker or a sprint-jogger we’ve spent our super friendly coaches will make sure you’ll be taken care of and get the best out of the workout.

How long does the session last and how long do you run for?

Each session lasts for around an hour, though don’t worry we don’t go running for all of that time. Each session comprises of a warm-up, core workout followed by a cool down and stretch. We look to help people with motivation, form and generally try to get them to have fun and work in a different way than they would on their own. As a result of this in reality the most running we may do at one time is 5-10 minutes.

What do you do then?

From the point of view of a slightly more experienced runner we do mainly interval sessions or speed work/tempo runs combined with various drills and up-tempo games designed to take you out of your usual pace comfort zone. From the point of view of the newer run this means we do lots of little spurts of running giving you a chance to build up your endurance without having to slog away for an hour.

We work around small (200m-300m) loops meaning no-one gets left behind and by using time intervals, everyone starts together and stops together. Whilst for one person the interval may involve a slow jog and a mad sprint, for the other person the interval may involve a walk and a slow jog.

Do you do anything else?

We always try to vary the sessions and alongside our core workouts we always try to jazz things up with the occasional running based circuit, hills runs, steps, games or anything else we can do to add a little spice to the session.

Do you enter races?

Various members of the group are signed up for 10k’s, half-marathons and even marathons at various times of year so no doubt you will have someone to put some extra miles in if you want to. As a group we head off to one of the local Park Run free 5k races every couple of months just to check on progress and have a little challenge.

How do we get involved?

Everyone get’s a one off trial session so all you need to do is click on this text, choose your session, book yourself in and we’ll send you all the info you need to get yourself up and going.

If we enjoy our trial session how do we sign up and how much does it cost?

Once again just click on this text or press the pink ‘Join Today’ button in the header. We have 2 options of membership, the first being £29.99/month with includes unlimited access to any of our sessions and events whilst the second option is £99.99 for a package of 10 sessions should you prefer.

Members can come and go when they want and there are no joining fees or contracts, so if you don’t train, you don’t pay. Also, if you subscribe within 24 hours of your trial session (next day) you get your second month for free.

Are you going to open Run Clubs in new areas?

We are always looking to launch new Run Clubs around London, so if you have an area where you would like to see a Run Club and have some friends who would also like to get involved, feel free to contact us with your suggestion and there’s no reason why we can’t get London’s most exciting running group in your area.