What We Do

“I have to admit I tried another running club before and it put me off for months. It was only when my friend raved about these guys that I decided to try again. It was like a breath of fresh air, complete night and day to my bad experience before. As soon as I turned up I felt like part of the group, they had all these games to start and that broke the ice straight away,  no-one was taking it too seriously and whilst I was by no means the quickest in the group the way the coach set up the session everybody could work to their own level. Really good fun.”
Sarah B

At Run Club London we pride ourselves in our revolutionary approach to running training offering fun, up-tempo, varied workouts for all levels.

All our sessions start with a nice gentle warm-up incorporating various drills and exercises designed to get the heart rate going, improve technique and form as well as breaking ice within the group ensuring everyone feels right at home straight away.

We never take our sessions too seriously with the main aspect being that everyone has fun and whilst many runners have significantly improved their ability during their time with us there is no importance put on personal speed, simply that everyone gets involved and feels relaxed in the group.

We vary the main workout from session to session so that each week is different though in regards to running we only ever work in small loops ensuring nobody gets left behind and we all start and finish together.

Core workouts involve shuttle runs, conditioning exercises, pyramids, hill intervals and short tempo runs as well as outdoor circuits and team games to ensure everyone goes home with a smile.

Don’t worry if you are a new runner or don’t really understand the jargon above, we specialise in beginner and intermediate runners with all our coaches being the best in the business and on hand to make sure you get the most out of the session and give advice if necessary.

All sessions last one hour  however don’t worry if you cannot run for that amount of time as in reality the session is made up of lot’s of short sharp bursts improving speed and technique as opposed to long boring group runs.

Every few months or so we enter races as a group giving everyone a goal to work towards whilst we generally have members in all the big races throughout the year. We also organise monthly social drinks at some of our locations as well as larger group social outings giving everyone a great chance to pull together outside of the parks.

Run Club London offers everyone a fantastic opportunity to try out running, experience professional coaching, the camraderie of group training whilst meeting like minded people in the area.

You can try Run Club London today, please contact us for further details and we hope to see you at a London Run Club event soon